Allah is the Curer
As Muslims, it is very important to have the correct belief in Allah. He is the One who cures us when we are sick. It is also from the Sunnah to seek and take the remedy.
Cupping (Hijama)

Hijama Training Workshop: Pack 1
Hijama Training Workshop: Pack 1 Cupping Hijama Training Workshop: Pack 1.

Pack 1 (for one person for the practical) for materials (with 6 cup cupping set) 294.99.
Packs will be distributed at the workshops inshaAllah. Please kindly print your receipt and bring with you to the workshop inshaAllah. Please text us on 0789 7799691 with your full name and which venue you wish to attend inshAllah once you purchase your pack.

Pack contents:
cupping therapy box set with chrome coated suction pump for dry and massage cupping
cupping therapy plastic cup for wet cupping
cupping therapy plastic suction pump for wet cupping
Cupping (Hijama) Information Pack
'Cupping - The Great Missing Therapy' by Dr. Sahbaa M.Bondok
'Cupping - A Practice Of The Prophet r and A Miraculous Way Of Treatment' by Shihab Al-Badry Yasin
'Al-Hijama 'Alaaj Nabawee' by Mustafa Mohammed Imam
white vinegar
hydrogen peroxide
black seed oil
organic olive oil
100 lancet needles
100 blades
all disposable materials required for wet cupping
bottled water
Qist powder and honey
clinical waste bag
sharps box
ajwa dates
note pad
marker pen
certificate of completion
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